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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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say he has been upgraded to fair condition. nancy: that after the f.b.i. says there was no link to terrorism in the ballpark ambush. stephen tschida with what the f.b.i. is sharing this evening. stephen? stephen: the f.b.i. giving us more information about james hodgkinson, the man killed in the shootout with police last week. among the most interesting bits of information we learned today, hodgkinson's neighbors in illinois had complained to police about him conducting target practice on his property just prior to him leaving illinois for the metro area. james hodgkinson had an assault rifle and a handgun. he also had a storage locker which he visited frequently since he arrived in march living out of his vehicle. that locker contained 200 rounds of ammunition. >> on the shooter, we found a piece of paper that contain the names of six members of congress. stephen: the f.b.i. does not co
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it would not release the identity of the members of congress on that list nor their party affiliation. special agent tim slater said hodgkinson photographed various location around the nation's capital and made numerous social media posts highly critical of republicans. >> he was known to have an anger management problem. stephen: but the f.b.i. would not comment on whether hodgkinson had any kind of mental health issues going on. we also learned that the two capitol police officers are improving as well. the male officer no longer walking with crutches and the female officer doing better after surgeries on her ankles. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you, stephen. last night, simpson park reopened with a ceremony honoring the heroes and welcoming the little leaguers back to play ball. this all was supposed to happen monday but it was
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storms we had. meanwhile tonight, the women take the field for the annual congressional softball game. it will be congress versus the press corps. but with that event in southeast comes street closures. tom roussey live tonight at the watkins rec center with more on this. hi, tom. tom: hey, they are setting up for it right now. let me step out of the way and show you what is going on here. this is a game that is certainly not as old as the counterpart we covered last week. it has been going on since 2009. the women's, congressional women's softball game. i am told security is being stepped up here this year in light of what happened last week. as the republicans were practicing for the congressional softball game, which took place at nats park a week ago. if you turn around to the right you see folks setting up a tent for the young survivors coalition, to help women with breast cancer. this is going to feature female members of congress and they will play against
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of the press corps who cover them. they say it's always been a good rivalry and a good event. you should be aware that some of the streets will be closed. where we are standing, we are closest to the intersection of 17 and d street southeast. police plan to shut the intersection there down. several blocks around the field which takes up a square city block here. you should know it's not huge street closures but closing some of the streets. something police say they don't remember doing in the past. security stepped up somewhat this year in light of what happened last week. reporting live in southeast, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. nancy: should be a fun event. thank you. if you are heading to the game or thinking of having dinner outside on the first night of summer, well, it probably went get much better than this outside right now. doug hill has the forecast. doug: some cloudiness around the metro area far south of the metro washington. showers and well north across pennsylvania, thunderstorms. in between where most of
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good. view from hagerstown. cloudiness from north and west. talk about the local conditions. we have showers moving out of king george county, moving across the big ben potomac in southern maryland. other storms on the eastern shore are staying put. in most of the area, a few clouds. farther, we have thunderstorms. as they track to the east/southeast, most of the storm activity stays north of hagueerstown and north of baltimore going through the evening. we will keep an eye on it. meanwhile, the eyes are pointing to the south as we look at the effects from the tropical storm. it's cindy. even though the cloud shields are well to the north from some of the moisture, the actual system is south of the texas/louisiana coastline. we are expecting some sunshine, clouds. warm, comfortable temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70's in the evening hours. then the attention in the next couple of days turns to cindy as it continues to make a move north/northwest. 50 miles per hour top winds. makes
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louisiana/texas line tomorrow morning. but more importantly the moisture is pushed east of the system. so we may be dealing late friday and early saturday with some moisture associated with the remnants. we'll drill down on the weekend forecast. all in all, it's looking good for the weekend. once we get anything associated with cindy out of the way. we will do it for you in 12 minutes. jonathan: thank you. we have been following breaking news most of the day out of flint, michigan, where an officer was stabbed in the neck this morning. the entire airport evacuated. michelle marsh at the "live desk" with fears of a terror attack. is that what it was? michelle: they are still trying to determine that. that is where the f.b.i. is starting the investigation. terror as a potential motive. but that is just the early stages of the investigation according to the "associated press." one other law enforcement official mentioned a man with a knife shouted, "god is great" in arabic. for the injured officer, we are told his condition is improving. of course, a
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top of the story and we'll have updates as new information comes in. that is the latest from the "live desk." i'm michelle marsh. back to you. jonathan: thanks. extra security today at one of the main train stations in brussels. it did reopen a day after a failed terror attack. tuesday a man tried to set off a nail bomb. this didn't go well. the bomb misfired. but he was shot and killed by soldiers paying attention to what he was doing. the attacker was not known for authorities for being involved in any terrorist activities prior to this. body of a mother found in burning vehicle over the weekend. kevin lewis is live with the developing story. kevin? kevin: the police were called to the neighborhood lined with the single family home and wooded lots. saturday at 8:30 in the morning. the first responders drove up a driveway to find a burning car behind a
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atop of a hill. crews used a nearby hydrant to flight flames to later find a dead body inside. although the investigators are waiting for dental records family and friends identified the deceased 56-year-old andrea hovermail. based on a number of factors major crime detectives are calling her death suspicious. she lived in the home with her long-time husband. together they had four children. all in their 20's now. a close friend calling her well loved and the last person who would have an enemy. >> in all the years i have been around the area, i have never seen anything happen. i would never think. this is a well-to-do area and i never heard anything around here. oh my gosh! kevin: andrea was a native washingtonian and graduated from winston churchill high school and later attended the university of
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her death investigation is certainly active and fluid. life in sandy spring. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. today the senate intelligence committee continuing the probe of russia's meddling in the 2016 election. members asking the f.b.i. assistant director of counterintelligence if there is any evidence of collusion. >> i'm sorry, i can't comment on that today. that falls under the special council's per view. i have to defer to him. >> are you aware of any such evidence? >> i can't comment on that. alison: the white house says a peace breakthrough between israelis and the palestinians is a top priority. president trump senior middle east advisor and son-in-law, of course, jared kushner traveled to the region to restart the talks.
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minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem. and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas in the west bank. back at home, some tough self-reflection for democrats across the country today as they wonder what to do next after two more losses in special elections. that despite for poll numbers for the president. what is the reason? chief political correspondent scott thuman explains. scott: letting the ballot box prove their point, they believe they found a winning formula. >> they swept every election. democrats spent tens of millions to steal the seat. scott: democrats admit there has been a disconnect. >> we have to as democrats continue to talk about the issue that matter in people's lives. scott: especially after tuesday's g.o.p. win in georgia which some saw as a referendum by the man on top. >> a special thanks to the president of the united states
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of america. scott: how would the presidential approval rating are republicans 4-0 in special elections. >> he's a liability but he is not fatal to republicans. democrats have to manage that as they move forward. >> the brooking institution said it's a lesson they learned and forgot. >> this is what they did in the 2006 election. they didn't just say that george w. bush was bad. they also said here is why we are good. >> so while president trump spikes the football with tweets, it's possibly because they are on to something. especially in middle america where jobs matter most. >> whether they are black, white, female, male, latino, the economy matters most. until democrats talk about that in an effective and a broadly appealing way, they will continue to come up
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improved their turnout and the support in some of the special elections. but while moral victories do matter they don't of course always translate to seats in congress. alison? alison: speaking of members of congress with the sweep for republicans can we expect the members to aggressively or more aggressively pursue their agendas on things like healthcare and maybe tax reform? scott: sure. a lot of them are pitching it that way. saying this is almost a statement of the affirmation, that the road they are going down pushing through the healthcare bill and you point out the tax reform that it gives them the more power to do so because it's what the american people want. on the flip side, you could say that the special elections in many cases were set up in areas where republicans were ripe to do very well. so it's not perhaps the greatest litmus test what is going on coast to coast. but republicans say it gives them a louder voice than earlier. alison: scott thuman live. thank yo
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jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the blast in baltimore near the ballpark. the explosion that rattled fans. alison: answering the call. the wayward lama who needed officer assistance. >> we are officially two months away from what some scientists say is the coolest phenomena we can experience on earth.
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jonathan: have you seen this yet? check it out. in baltimore, an underground steam pipe explodes. 6:00 yesterday is when it went off and went off a block and a half away from camden yards. there were fans there. it shot rocks and asphalt way up in the air. five people were hurt. minor injuries. the game did go off as planned. they are still trying to figure out what caused it to go off. alison: incredible. a celebrity filled charity event in maine got surprise star power. take a look. former president george h.w. bush made an appearance at a golf tournament named after him. mr. bush was joined by his son, former president george w. bush. also teeing it up actor and maine native patrick demp city. the 41st president had been hospitalized in the spring. he had a case of bronchitis. but the staff says he is doing well. alison: a special
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for nfl greats. nancy: they went to the vatican to meet pope francis. the nfl group included dallas cowboys owner jerry jones an hall of famer ronnie lott and frank o'harris. they presented the pope with an autographed helmet as well as a personalized jersey. no word if he put the helmet on, though. jonathan: i bet he puts it on later. try it on. check it out. this is not the normal police takedown in california. that is a lama in the middle of the road. they came across it standing around and blocking traffic. the animal escaped from a farm. the lama wasn't willing to go anywhere. not quietly. a deputy was handy with the rope. he roped it and decided to you can what it back. the lama is nice here because he is with the officer. normally they can be nasty. they will spit at you and put up a fight but there he is happy. nancy: walking like a dog there. jonathan: i made a
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it will be the first time this has happened since 1918. alison: that is right. we are talking about a total solar eclipse. nancy: this is exciting. two months away. nasa announcing more information on it today. josh knight on the national mall with how nasa is gearing up for the eclipse. josh: the two-month countdown has begun. they want to get out in front of this and make sure that people are planning ahead and doing things to stay safe. looking at the sun is dangerous. but if you have a cool pair of shades like these, you can stay safe. today at the newseum there is a panel of scientists talking about why this eclipse is so special. one thing that makes it so neat, it's moving across the country. that shadow of the moon will move across the country in an hour and a half. but they are really excited for everybody to take part. >> this is an opportunity for people to directly experience
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nature and actually connect to the universe. connect with the own star. to see something that scientists can only see from the ground. josh: when you are looking from the ground, this is exactly what you are going to need. something like the glasses. looking directly at the sun can be dangerous. so our area, even though we are not going to see the total solar eclipse, we are going to see 80% of the sun covered by the moon. now it's important to keep in mind a day like this, if it's this cloudy going to be tough to see too much. so the weather has to work out as well. the scientists are excited about what they can learn during eclipses but there is something today the scientists were even more excited about. i'm have that at 5:45. jonathan: the tease. all right, josh, thanks. abc7 on storm watch. florida is hammered by the outer bands of the tropical storm cindy. these are just the outer bands. heavy rain, high winds, whipping through the area.
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turning you have the surf and causing issues with the high water in places it shouldn't be. nancy: a similar scene in new orleans. a state of emergency in louisiana right now. the tropical storm warning for the city itself was canceled but still you can see part of the city completely flooded, under water. the city's mayor says residents should still be prepared. >> we could stay on the fortunate side and the rain could come over a period of time. but if it all comes at one time we expect to have localized flooding throughout the city. i want to ask the public and the citizens to stay alert and to be prepared. nancy: the city expects another six inches of rain over the next 48 hours. some places could see a foot total. alison: wow! you can see rough surf here. galveston, texas. officials are preparing for tides of more than five feet and 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds. jonathan: good time to bring in doug to talk about what is happening there. this is
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doug: it is. but top wind. more of a rain producer than wind producer. 50-mile-per-hour gusts along the gulf coast. that happens in thunderstorms there. if the prolonged rain that the mayor said in the low-lying area, that could be threatened when the center of the storm comes on land. tomorrow morning along the texas/louisiana line. then the moisture will get picked up by the winds and spread rapidly eastward and could efact our evening by friday night. this is a look at national harbor. nancy was saying it was sunny. then poof, it got cloudy. that happens. we have bands of clouds coming in and sprinkles. the organized rain, steadier rain moved south and north of the metro area. you can see it on doppler radar now. showers and storms, lower eastern shore to the area, across the northern neck and leonardtown. you go to pennsylvania, thunderstorms there. we track them for you in the afternoon. they will stay north but it may affect areas north of baltimore.
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here in the metro area tonight is delightful. temperatures dropping to the 70's. atlanta united in to play d.c. united. that is live on newschannel8 starting at 7:30. let's talk about the details surrounding cindy. you can see the circulation. it's not by satellite and radar the most impressive storm in the world. in the past few days the majority of the rain displaced right and east of the center. so what will happen is the center will come on shore and make a turn northeast. all the while continuing to push the rain farther to the north and the east. well away from the center. over time it will diminish in the intensity. the top winds are 50 miles per hour. thinking according to the hurricane center by friday morning it will be near memphis. the winds at 30 miles per hour. as we get to saturday morning, 25 miles per hour. southwest corner of virginia will probably get picked up by a cold front. that will push it away from the area. so much moisture ahead of it. that is our concern here going forward. some of the heavy rain. still to fall here in the
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it will spread east. it will get picked up by the cold front. friday may be a rather stormy day with rain and thunderstorms, especially as we head through the afternoon and the everything, nighttime hours. lingering showers saturday. but it looks like it should clear out saturday afternoon and become sunny and less humid on sunny. saturday afternoon should be fine around most of the area. saturday to monday. beyond that things like quiet with the temperatures comfortable through the midweek. warming back to seasonal normals by the end of next week and next weekend. that's it. john? jonathan: thank you. coming up next at 4:00, he turned a startup to a global behemoth. and now he is out of a job. uber c.e.o. sudden resignation and what is next for the ride-sharing company. nancy: on the first day of sumer a warning about the plug-in air conditioner. the two things you need to check before you turn on a major fire hazard still
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jonathan: uber c.e.o. is out. he resigned overnight. alison: a bit of a surprise. he helped start the ride service and built it to a technology giant. nancy: kimberly suiters has a look at why this is big news. kimberly: raise your hands if you have it on your phone? life-changing. last week travis kalanick was forced to a leave of absence after damaging review including accusations of rampant harassmen
4:26 pm
the one-time startup star is now out of work. uber c.e.o. travis kalanick coming to pressure from five investors demanding his resignation from the company valued at $70 billion. the embattled c.e.o. saying i love uber more than anything in the moment. at this difficult moment in my life i accepted the request to step aside. kalanick had been on a leave of absence following the death of his mother but it was a complaint about an animal house style workplace filled with sexual and racial discrimination that led to his demise. >> this year uber has had a series of p.r. setbacks from allegations of sexual harassment to c.e.o. of -- to a party like culture. this is not good for the company. not good timing. not good optics. kimberly: in 2013 at a company retreat he e-mailedhe
4:27 pm
another employee unless the two or more of you do not work in the same chain of command. then the next year he referred to it as "buber" saying how easy it is for him to meet women after the success. then they argued about pay. >> some people don't take responsibility -- >> [bleep] >> they blame it on somebody else. >> good luck. >> this isn't the first time a high-tech c.e.o. was ousted. founder of groupon, blackberry and even genius steve jobs was forced out for 12 years at apple. back to you. nancy: thank you. next at 4:00, it was must-see tv. testimony of james comey. the very adult website that lost a lot of traffic because of
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sam: a mailman who stuffed mail in the sewer had his day in court today. i'm sam ford. that story is coming up. alison: then coming up at 5:00, they are still considered the hot toy but now the fidget spinners are landing at the top of a list the creators would rather avoid. that's tonight at 5:00. i feel it every day. but at night, it's the last thing on my mind. for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape, relieving pressure points from head to toe. so i sleep deeply but feel light. and wake up ready to perform. even with the weight of history on my shoulders. find your exclusive retailr at
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: "7 on your side." this video from a little more than a year ago as we watch wheelbarrows full of mail pulled from a sewer. nancy: terrible. tonight the carrier who is accused of dumping that, cutting a plea deal. jonathan: d.c. bureau chief sam ford explains the punishment the mailman could now be facing. sam? sam: yes, jonathan. he could be facing jailtime. that remains to be seen. i'm outside d.c. federal court for a mailman who admits to dumping 15,000 pieces of mail in a northeast d.c. sewer today took a plea deal. 23-year-old christopher newton, a former letter carrier pleaded guilty to one count
4:32 pm
generally. he admits last year when he was supposed to deliver mail, often he drove up to a storm drain and stuffed it in. even checks worth thousands of dollars were pulled from the sewer. it happened in a two-week period he was the substitute for the regular mailman. the man who first discovered the crime found out when he traced mail from a neighbor's clogged drain to the sewer in front of his home. he told us today he is not surprised it took over a year to get to court. >> as a former retired police officer i know the process of that and it takes a lot of time and investigation and all that. they want to make sure all the marbles are in place so to speak to find out who is the course of disposing of the mail. i'm sure it takes time sometimes to investigate that kind of stuff. sam: of course, the mailman today is a former mailman. his career ended the day we did that story last year. he f
4:33 pm
september. it's a misdemeanor. but he pleaded guilty to it and faces up to six months in jail and $5,000 fine. we have more on the story coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from d.c. federal court, u.s. district court. i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. back in the weather center now with stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill. boy, doug, you talk about the start of summer it doesn't get nicer than this. low humidity but it will creep back. doug: it's summertime. it will happen again. then friday and saturday we have a real interest with a cold front producing thunderstorms and maybe moisture from tropical storm cindy. we are keeping an eye on showers. go to dap lar radar. this is an area south of metro washington. southern maryland coming across the northern neck to st. mary's county. sluers there. more on the eastern shore. farther north, there is a bundle of thunderstorms from southern pennsylvania. we tracking this in particular.
4:34 pm
close to hagerstown area in 30 to 40 minutes. most of the activity should stay well north of the washington area and well south as well. as we look forward to what is coming next, cooldown. mid-to-upper 80's now. 90 in leesburg. 87 in washington and baltimore. through the overnight, we will see partly cloudy skies. 65 to 73 the range of temperatures. the winds will be light and comfortably warm for the overnight hours. looking ahead to tomorrow, 91 degrees. no rain in the forecast in daytime hours. partly sunny. friday, showers and thunderstorms especially by the afternoon and the evening and in to early saturday. that is the time frame where we get showers and storms from the cold front. as the timing works out, some of the moisture from cindy could get pulled in and make it heavier. there is a lot to watch in 48 hours. steve rudin will be back in a bit with the ten-day outlook for you. jonathan: thanks. today funeral services for fairfax girl murdered
4:35 pm
weekend. nancy: hundreds coming to the mosque she was walking to when she was killed to pay their respects and relatives and the friends question whether hate as a motive was ruled out too soon. richard reeve has more on the funeral and the investigation. richard: hundreds of people coming, an a very emotional time here. the imam called the young woman generous, bright, caring and beautiful. young and old came here to pay their respects. some are schoolmates of nabra hassanen at south lake high school. she would have graduated from the sophomore year. the 17-year-old attacked and beaten to death walking back to the adams center. investigators say darwin martinez torres is the suspect accused of what they aralcaing a road rage incident that escalated from an argument from torres and bicyclist. authorities say torres chased hassanen with a bat, abducted her, killed her and leaving her body in a pond. some in the community, including her father, are
4:36 pm
calling investigators to look into this as a hate crime because she was wearing muslim clothing. most people told us today they are taking time to mourn and comfort the family. >> we are a grieving community. with the spirit and love she received from around the world. >> i'm very shocked, traumatized. it wasn't expected. anything can happen anywhere at any time. a bad time at that moment. richard: hassanen is being laid to rest immediately. this has had a profound effect on the community. there will be a i havely later -- a vigil later at and coming up at 5:00 we'll have more. richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. consumer alert. su
4:37 pm
conditioning, dangerous. particularly the ones you plug in. overworked air conditioners it seems can spark fires. nearly from 2010 to 2014 nearly 3,000 fires were blamed on a.c.'s resulting in 20 deaths and more than $80 million in damage. >> when you start using extension cords, it can be problematic. they overheat and cause a fire. make sure it's clear of combustible material. nancy: make sure the a.c. is working properly and don't overload the outlets. as montgomery county fire pete pringier said that circle of safety, don't leave anything too close to the wiring. jonathan: all right. you will soon be able to fly with extra flair. airbus announcing a makeover for the a-320 aircraft. check it out. maybe the most noticeable different, the cabin designs. they can
4:38 pm
lighting. bigger overhead bins. more seat space. i'll say it one more time. more seat space. windows that allow better views. also mood lighting options in the laboratories. that is essential! new cabins available in 2020. michelle: is that a plane or a new nightclub? i can't tell the difference. very nice. prince george's county executive rushern baker is looking to take his work in public service to another level. >> i'm rushern baker. i'm running for governor. michelle: you heard it. baker is eyeing maryland's top seat announcing the candidacy for the democratic nomination to challenge governor larry hogan next year. in his announcement video, baker pointed out his success in prince george's county and the direction he hopes to take the state in. >> there are things that i think we need to do to move the state forward. they are issues i care deeply about that i don't believe is led from the executive branch.
4:39 pm
terms as maryland state delegate and is serving the second term as the prince george's executive. brad bell has more on the announcement ahead at 5:00. jonathan: coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- one adult website says the james comey testimony was more attractive than the content they had. you are not going to believe the sudden drop in clicks when the former f.b.i. director was sworn in. i'm not making this up. nancy: this is a good one. still ahead, d.c. could be the second location to have gender neutral licenses. >> you have to right now make a choice of male or female. nancy: so what is a potential option for transgender residents in the district? we'll show you. michelle: and autria godfrey has a first look at what is new on "good morning washington" tomorrow. autria: thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- how to stay safe on the road with the seven prosecrets to make sure your ride can take on the brutal summer heat. >> plus, get ready f
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peek of the spectacular universe soul focus in studio. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning at
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nancy: it turns out 20 million people nationwide watched james comey testify before the senate intelligence committee on june 8. much-see tv. so much so that adult website po
4:43 pm
viewership in the d.c. area. there was a more than 10% dip at 10:00 in the morning when comey started to testify. jonathan: 10:00 in the morning? is that seems early. all right. nude swimming in australia is more popular than organizers of one event counted on. we can only show you the red hats. below that is the birthday suit. more than a thousand aussie swimmers took the plunge in the chilly river. forget the bathing suit. not going to happen. they bared all for the winter solstice. >> yeah. yeah. it's amazing. >> it was amazing. >> right away in the morning. jonathan: defrosting. there you go. one way. one problem with the huge turn-out, there weren't enough towels for everyone. if you are going to let it all hang out, there you go. michelle: wow! speaking of taking a dip, mixup on the beach in florida.
4:44 pm
but she ended up in the person's swimming pool. the wildlife officials were called in to help her fish her out. they gave her a quick checkup and said ze was healthy and she is back in the ocean today. it's nesting season after all. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a potential change to d.c. driver's licenses. the neutral gender option that could be allowed in addition to male and female. nancy: speeding in reverse in brooklyn. nobody hurt here. but who is behind the wheel? the driver? passenger? nobody? the answer next.
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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. jonathan: check this out. a wild scene in new york. bus flies down the street backwards and nobody is behind the wheel. nobody! it turns out the bus driver parked and walked away. not a good idea. moments later it started rolling in reverse, picking up speed as it slammed in parked cars on either side of the road. nobody was hurt but there
4:48 pm
of good body shop work. michelle: well, next week, d.c. will become the second jurisdiction to have a gender-neutral driver's license. richard reeve shows us how it will change the look of some licenses. richard: a driver's license that doesn't exist yet. where x marks the spot. >> you have to right now make a choice of male or female. richard: starting next monday the d.c. d.m.v. will start issuing licenses and i.d.'s with an x for transgender people. >> x gender marker allows for individuals to have more privacy around the gender. richard: only the second jurisdiction after oregon to take the step. >> folksfolks who are transitiog or do not identify with a specific gender are forced to choose one when they get the driver's license. richard: a councilmember sponsoring a nonbinary bill. this is administrative and
4:49 pm
future administration but this would make it a permanent part of the city code. >> i don't think anybody was born x. it should say male or female. >> to each their own. move on with their lives. richard: they found of 28,000 transgender people more than a third call themselves nonbinary. many faced issues. >> harassment, discrimination. some are asked to leave restaurants, or establishments richard: if the d.c. bill gets council and congressional approval, it could be made law by next year. in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: now to the "live desk." larry smith has a first look at "abc7 news at 5:00". good evening. larry: tonight at 5:00 we are looking forward to a story you're bringing us about an 8th grader who believes music has the power to heal. before you grab your daily dose of vitamins find out which one researchers say y
4:50 pm
supplements. get ready for lanes to close on the beltway tonight. we will tell you where and when. that is coming up new at 5:00. see you in a few minutes. nancy: thank you very much. take a look at this. this is a one of a kind view of tropical storm cindy. right now churning in the gulf of mexico. live look actually. this is what it lookses like out at sea. vantage point. oil rig 17 miles off louisiana's coast. the hardest hit area could see a foot of rain. we could see effects around friday in our area. jonathan: that is nasty. michelle: fun to watch from this vantage point. jonathan: as long as you are not sitting on the rig. michelle: a beautiful day. beautiful first day of summer. nancy: summer solstice. steve rudin there. jonathan: you have happy summer pants on, steve. steve: i do! i have my red fancy summer pants on for you. it's beautiful here on the u
4:51 pm
street corridor. a lot going on this afternoon and evening with the unveiling of the magnificent mural behind me. it's 87 degrees at the airport. it feels nice here. the humidity the stickiness will begin to increase. lower 80's to the west of us in reston. let's talk about tomorrow. if you like it hot and you like it humid, you will love what is on the way. daytime highs around 90 degrees. heat index values around 95. we can't rule out a chance of isolated shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow night we have a baseball game at nats park. temperatures in the mid-80's to start. seventh inning stretch. may deal with thunderstorms. maybe even a rain delay at some point. the temperatures fall in the 70's. the weekend improving early on
4:52 pm
mid-day hours. gradual clearing by the afternoon. sunday looks nice. the ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. we are calling for temperatures to cool down as we move to the middle of next week. we are looking at the temperatures that will cool to lower 80's. as we move in to early monday and tuesday. then we warm things up again. here is the mural. a lot to see on it. especially if you live around the d.m.v. for a long time. everyone from muhammad ali, prince, former president and first lady michelle and barack obama. as you head down the alleyway, the music really cranking up. a sight you have to see. a lot of fun here. let's head back to the studio. jonathan: thank you. if you see a lot of people out and
4:53 pm
there is a good reason. this is national selfie day. michelle: it seems like every day is national selfie day. but this is designated for the holiday. if you believe in it or not you don't have to buy someone a nice gift. jonathan: did you make it a holiday? make at it holiday? michelle: i didn't make it. the people made it. nancy: celebrate by what else? snapping a selfie and sending it. lindsey mastis has some of the best. you are sharing with us. lindsey: d.c. is one of the best places to take a selfie, especially with abe lincoln in the background. everyone the police department getting in on the action. postingposting this of stuart ad cleo. and members of congress participating as well. plus our own kidd o'shea went
4:54 pm
with people on the street. easy excuse to meet someone new. back to you. jonathan: thank you. the only problem with shooting selfies people do it and they don't pay attention. nancy: walk into a pole. jonathan: i watched someone walk into a wall. he look around who saw that? i did! michelle: happy selfie day! coming up -- kellye: i'm kellye lynn at the college of student park where the student athletes spends
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
i have some travel in p-cards for you. kellye: ryan spending much of the summer at the athletic department business office at the university of maryland college park. >> i go through and i take off purchasing and the travel cards. with the university of maryland. kellye: the college junior is here to gain experience and understand how athletic departments operate. as a quarterback for the terps, football is his passion. >> it's another reason why i'm interested and i chose to do the internship. kellye: it's through an internship academy providing professional developments for student athletes who are often too
4:58 pm
>> it's built to give athletes opportunity for paid internship and continue the training. kellye: most are offered in the athletic department, other sites include a financial institution, medical device company and public school system. >> i run from class to workouts and i have to go back to class and then i go eat. and then i have study hall. it's a lot. athletes don't get to do this. >> career guidance, professional development, helping them integrate in a work place and understanding what the experience is like. kellye: the academy preparing students for life after college. kellye lynn, abc7 news. larry: right now at 5:00, abc7 is gathering details on a developing story. the search for a missing mother steps away from her home in a burned out car. this woman had a clogged drain. it turns out a lazy mailman was to blame.
4:59 pm
and we were there for the deal he struck. when it comes to hot toys, popular doesn't always mean safe. new word of caution about fidget spinners. announcer: "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: more than a year after abc7 cameras caught bags and bags of mail being pulled out of a sewer, a plea deal today for the postal carrier accused of just dumping the letters. d.c. bureau chief sam ford was in court. he is live with a followup to the story you saw first on 7. sam? sam: well, he did not say today why he stuffed the mail in the storm drain. but he admitted, the former mailman admitted he put 15,000 pieces of mail in a northeast d.c. storm drain last year. the former letter carrier spent much of the day in court hiding his face from our artists. 23-year-old christopher newton pleaded guilty before the
5:00 pm
generally. a misdemeanor. it happened in may of last year in northeast washington. newton who was substituting for the regular mailman here dumped 15,000 pieces of mail down the storm drain, legal papers say. >> it looks like a $10,000 check to somebody. >> snake it out the neighbor's drain. some mr. wright recalled trying to unclog a neighbor's drainage system backed with mail. he traced it to the source and called us. then the district manager was inform i be channel 7 news that mail was found in storm drain. >> what do you think? >> it goes down the drain like you think. it's been in the drain. >> have y'all had mail robberies lately? >> we do have mail robberies but known reported over the weekend. sam: newton in court admitted he dumped mail over two-month period. he was located in front of the storm drain for a full hour one day. >> it's unfortunate that someone i


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